Last year I kept tons of pictures around my room. Some of these pictures have no significance to me now, but that wasn’t the case when I saw them everyday. I think pictures are a beautiful thing. They give you a chance to revisit a special day or a favorite memory. But that’s all they are: memories.
They created a cloud of nostalgia over my head in the mornings. I started to think I was happier in my pictures solely from the frozen smiles. I had photos with friends from high school that I hadn’t spoken to since high school. I didn’t even miss some of those people; I missed the moments. Some of my present-day dearest friends were not on my walls yet, because I hadn’t had time to print the pictures out. One day I got tired of looking at the past and thank goodness I did.
These days I try to keep the pictures in my room to a bare minimum. All of my old pictures are in a box. I know that one day I will really appreciate them, but today that’s where they will stay.

-step one to unfriending nostalgia

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