My 2016

Travel destinations:
North Carolina: Fayetteville
Tennessee: Nashville
Georgia: Atlanta
New Jersey: Wayne
New York: NYC
Texas: El Paso
Florida: Leesburg, Mt. Dora, Orlando
Bahamas: Great Guana Cay, Man-O-War
India: Ghaziabad, New Delhi, Gujarat

Live Music/Concerts:
DNCE, Hillsong, The Killers, Parachute, The 1975, John McLaughlin, My Red +Blue, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, TI, Rich Homie Quan, The Lumineers, St. Lucia, Daya, 21 Pilots, G-Easy, JohnnySwim, James Bay, Kari Jobe (In no specific order)

This was my second year working on the Athletic Training floor at Troy University.
I joined Odyssey team this year and have contributed since February.
During the summertime, I had the opportunity to work full-time at a cafe.

Important Happenings:
I got initiated into the Iota Kappa Chapter of Chi Omega.
Angel and Jordan got hitched and I got to be a bridesmaid.
We went to Ankit Mama and Anuja Mami’s wedding and reconnect with family in New Jersey.
Shelby Wright became my little this year.
I was able to attend Dad’s Change of Command Ceremony in El Paso and visit the new casa.
Mom got promoted to Catering Director at Sodexo.
I declared my major in Communications and my minors in Spanish and Multimedia Journalism.
I turned 20 years old.
I had the chance to return to India after 8 long years away to see/spend time with my Naani Ma and Nanu.
My last days of 2016 were spent celebrating the marriage of Bijal Ben and Jaison.
(Seriously, I’m probably forgetting something important.)

My Faith:
This year I have grown so much in my faith. At the end of 2015, the conference I attended set me in place for this year. I have learned what it really means to be free of bondage and have a more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. I learned the importance of having mentors and being a mentor through small groups and each of the many opportunities that came my way. 2016 year was also my first year of giving God my first 10%. Since January, every payday is also tithe day. And since January, I have not worried once about money or really anything. He blessed me so much throughout the year. Next to any struggle was a blessing and next to any hardship was a solution. Sometimes it took me a little while to find it, but I always did. This was my first year that I have seriously maintained some kind of quiet time each day and I am so grateful for that. Throughout the year I began to treasure it more and more each day. Whether it was in one minute or thirty, it fueled me. I flourished. 2016 was a year filled with extraordinary love from my Father that created abundant life in my spirit, relationships, character, and passions.

And das all. Super excited for 2017 and all of the adventures to be had, music to be heard, and words to written. Stay tuned.

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